Kind words of thanks from the charities we support...

Just click on any of the charity names in the list below to view the letters they

have sent us, thanking us for our grants.

  1. The Urology Foundation  (IV)

  2. Breast Cancer Now   (II)

  3. Lymphoma Action

  4. Institute of Cancer Research   (Fergus Fund Award 2018) 

  5. Lady McAdden Breast Screening Trust ("BUST") 

  6. Guy's Cancer Centre (Support Guy's Cancer)

  7. Fair Havens Hospice    

  8. Frimley Park Hospital   (III)

  9. St. Christopher's Hospice   (IV)

  10. Princess Alice Hospice   (IV)

  11. Prostate Cancer UK   (III)

  12. Guy's & St. Thomas' Hospital    (Dimbleby Patient Support Services)

  13. Royal Marsden Cancer Charity   (V)    (in memory of Professor Gore)

  14. The Fountain Centre

  15. Frimley Park Hospital   (II)

  16. Target Ovarian Cancer

  17. Action Against Cancer

  18. Pelvic Radiation Disease Association

  19. Institute of Cancer Research (Sarcoma in the Young)

  20. St. Christopher's Hospice   (III)

  21. Research Oncology, Guy's Hospital   (Fergus Fund Award 2016)

  22. Headstart (Head & Neck Cancer Support)   (II)

  23. Royal Marsden Cancer Charity (Melanoma Research)   (IV)

  24. Saving Faces

  25. Breast Cancer Now   (I)

  26. Frimley Park Hospital (Children's Ward F1) 

  27. Teenage Cancer Trust  (II)

  28. Brain Tumour Research

  29. The Urology Foundation  (II)

  30. Royal Marsden Cancer Charity (Melanoma Research)   (III)

  31. Prostate Cancer UK   (II)

  32. St. Wilfrid's Hospice, Eastbourne   (II)

  33. Headstart (Head & Neck Cancer Support)

  34. St. Wilfrid's Hospice, Eastbourne   (I)

  35. Lymphoma Association

  36. Marie Curie Hospice, Cardiff & The Vale   (III)

  37. Guy's Cancer Charity (Support Guy's & St Thomas')

  38. Birmingham Children's Hospital    (II & III)

  39. Birmingham Children's Hospital    (I)

  40. The Movember Foundation

  41. The Urology Foundation

  42. Ballboys

  43. Pancreatic Cancer UK

  44. North Devon Hospice

  45. Princess Alice Hospice   (III)

  46. Marie Curie Hospice, Cardiff & The Vale   (II)

  47. St. Christopher's Hospice   (II)

  48. Royal Marsden Cancer Charity (Melanoma Research)   (II)

  49. Bowel Cancer UK   (III)

  50. Marie Curie Hospice, Cardiff & The Vale

  51. Teenage Cancer Trust

  52. Bowel Cancer UK  (II)

  53. Sarcoma UK   (II)

  54. Myeloma UK   (II)

  55. St. Christopher's Hospice

  56. Princess Alice Hospice  (II)

  57. Royal Marsden Cancer Charity (Melanoma Research)

  58. Breakthrough Breast Cancer

  59. Bowel Cancer UK    (I) 

  60. Cancer Research UK  

  61. Myeloma UK   (I)   

  62. Sarcoma UK   (I)

  63. Princess Alice Hospice    (I)

  64. Prostate Cancer UK  (I)

  65. The Urology Foundation    (I)

  66. Prostate Cancer Research Centre


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