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Want to help us kick cancer into touch?

The great thing about Penguins Against Cancer...

We have ZERO administrative costs to dilute the money you donate. ASTONISHING!
All admin time and skills are kindly donated free of charge by PAC members.
And any associated admin costs are funded by PAC members out of their own pockets.


So EVERY POUND you pledge directly contributes to furthering our goal of

'kicking cancer into touch'. What's not to like?


We're so grateful for any donations, no matter how small; they can be 'one-offs' or regular monthly payments via standing order, we really don't mind. Please see below for details on Gift Aid and how it can swell the amount we receive from you. 

Donating just £1 a month, or even £5 or £10 if you can manage it, makes a huge difference to how much money we raise over the course of a year and are able to disburse as grants.


If you would like to donate on an ongoing monthly basis, firstly THANK YOU and secondly, please set up a standing order arrangement with your bank to pay funds directly into our account.


Equally, you can use the account details below to make a single one-off donation to us:


Name of Account: Penguins Against Cancer

Sort Code:  60-04-20

Account Number:  8942 0888

If you are making a one-off donation to us, please complete the Contact Information form below, so that we can get back to you to thank you.

Contact Information

Thanks for submitting!

Gift Aid:

If you are a UK taxpayer, your donation can be worth an additional 25p per £1 donated to us, if you are eligible to take advantage.


To learn more about Gift Aid, please click on the links in the pink box below. 

If you are eligible to take advantage of Gift Aid, please print off the Gift Aid Form, by clicking on the yellow box below; complete the Form with your details and sign it, before scanning it and sending it to us in an email entitled "My Gift Aid Form" to

From all of us at PAC, thank you so much for your support! We can't do it without you.

Gift Aid:


To read a simple explanation of how Gift Aid works click here (PDF document).

To learn more about Gift Aid from HMRC, please click here.

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