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Sky Sports: A Tribute to Terry Gibson

"Rugby Roots" Transmission: 26th December 2014


We were thrilled to learn recently that our beloved Emperor Penguin, Dr Terry Gibson, was going to be honoured with a feature on Sky Sports: “Rugby Roots” is a televised “magazine” programme which focuses on rugby being played at “grass roots” level.


They rightfully felt that the oldest player (!) for the oldest rugby club in the world (!!) deserved a special mention, particularly having given no less than 53 years' playing service to Guy's Hospital Rugby Club.


In fact, we think Terry might even hold the coveted title of "the oldest rugby player in the world", only hanging up his boots in 2014 at the tender age of 71.


The two and a half-minute profile of Dr Gibson, entitled appropriately "Carry On Doctor", was aired on Sky Sports on 26th December  2014, and can be viewed by clicking on the link below.


All Hail The Emperor Penguin!


Click here to view programme:   Sky Sports “Rugby Roots” - Terry Gibson Profile   (© Sky Sports)



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