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Penguins v Jersey Wanderers Rugby

St. Helier, Jersey: 13th December 2014


For various reasons, it has been a while since a Guy's rugby team has visited Jersey.  The Penguins arrived hotwebbedfoot from the Heartbreak Hill golf competition, and the imperturbable Tom Jackson set to selecting a team.  This proved challenging.  Tom Crisp, our young, fast, talented, 'secret weapon' was hors de combat through injury.  A number of potential players cited advancing years as mitigation for not playing (not, however, 'King Penguin' Chris Howell, ever youthful at 71).  One individual even had the temerity to suggest that a recent hip replacement might inhibit his participation.  What a carry on.  Tom, unruffled as ever, masterfully negotiated that we should play 11 a side and so we set to.
The Wanderers kick was taken masterfully by Austin, wearing, unsurprisingly, 7.  A flurry of activity resulted in the Penguins threatening to score.  Simon Hughes looking to go over in the corner was flattened by the first of a number of audible tackles delivered by their remarkably large and youthful right wing.  The Wanderers countered, somehow getting the better of Howell for pace, and scored.  7-0.
The Penguins fought back, using a combination of luck and borrowed players.  7-5.  Now battle was joined in earnest.  Simon stoically took another smack down for the team, and Blunders opened his legs, galloping away from a despairing Wanderer.  Sarah ran in under the posts. 7-12. 
It couldn't last, the Wanderers retrenched and set up a flurry of attacks.  Sarah was everywhere but there was only the one of him.  14-12 became 21-12 then 28-12.  The Penguins continued to exploit down the left, and predictably, Simon continued to get flattened.  In the dying seconds, Howell picked up, in a regal manner, dummied everyone and squeezed through a gap creating a try for Ian, our borrowed centre.  Final score 28-19.  An excellent match played in great spirit. 


Jersey Wanderers were gracious hosts and very generously supported the magic raffle which raised £174 for PAC.



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