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The PACsters have been frequent visitors to the Channel Islands recently and this year was no exception.  The trip was meticulously planned.  The band of: Chris and Ann Howell, Inky, Mick, Geraint and Kolin made their way to Southampton Airport to board the 12 seater Aurginy 'airminibus' for the 50 minute flight.  Charlie eventually extracted himself from work and rushed for the train.  He arrived at the airport and rang Geraint asking where he was.  Geraint replied "I'm in the bar".  "Which bar?".  "The terminal bar".  "Which terminal?"
 "There is only one terminal;  which airport are you at?".  "Gatwick" - DOH!

Six lucky PACsters went on their way, Charlie went home and flew out the next day.

The glorious 12th saw a smorgasbord of activity including a visit to some of Alderney's numerous and impressive fortifications, an excellent seafood lunch and a competition involving cribbage, darts, backgammon, Egyptian whist and dominoes.  After some well aimed arrows from Ann Howell, and furious activity with the doubling dice, Mick Martin was declared overall winner, with Geraint clearly being at the bottom of the pile, by a country mile, and likely to remain there for a while.  Dinner was a sumptuous affair at the Most Exotic Alderney Tandoori.

Sunday dawned all too early, and Kolin decided to lead us on a bracing coastal stroll, taking in the delights of Sammy the Seal, Ian Botham's ex-house, the quarry, the abandoned barracks and the harbour.  A brief farewell to the Braye Beach hotel [fantastic accommodation] and then everyone, including Charlie, made their way to the airport (luckily Alderney only has one]. 


A great weekend. 



PAC Pilgrimage to Alderney

Channel Islands: 11th - 13th December 2015



Geraint, Kolin and Chris - Lords of all they survey.

Alderney's esoteric infrastructure -

Yellow phone boxes and blue pillar boxes.

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