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PAC Golf: Jersey Tour 2014

Heartbreak Hill, Wheatlands Golf Course,

St. Helier, Jersey: 13th December 2014


Wheatlands Golf Course was the venue for the Penguins' Jersey closed golf classic, played for the highly coveted Heartbreak Hill trophy.  A vigorous selection process had whittled down the mass of original entries to a final 3 ball of Grisjambon, Charlie and Sarah. 
Sarah was first to tee off.  Natural coordination coupled with youth saw a number of fine shots.  Charlie was occasionally wayward.  Grisjambon, with form in this type of event, was as steady as ever.  The first 3 holes passed relatively uneventfully.  Grisjambon won 1 and halved 2. Sarah and Charlie each halved 1. 
The fun started at the Grand Canyon 4th.  140 m long, an ascent of 30m and 100m of very rough rough.  Charlie beat Sarah by 1, Grisjambon nowhere in contention.  Was the crown beginning to slip?  The 7th was Heartbreak Hill.  Never was a fairway more aptly named.  It required a sniper's accuracy, which nobody possessed.  Many shots later, Sarah was awarded the hole.
Inevitably, predictably, consistency defeated wild optimism.  The contest ended with Grisjambon triumphing.  Final scores:  Grisjambon 5 and a half, Charlie 3, Sarah 2.  The spectacular trophy was awarded at the conclusion of the PAC AGM later that evening.

Roll on Lingfield Park in the summer (details on the PAC website).


An understandably emotional Grisjambon fights back the tears of joy as he proudly displays his Fender Stratocaster novelty golf trophy, whilst supported by Tom Jackson.

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