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PAC 2013 Golf Championship - Dec 2013

The Stephen Barrister Trophy Match

Following an extensive 36 hour trial process, the surviving 5 contenders assembled at St Pierre Park on a fine December morning to contest the Stephen Barrister trophy. One round of golf, playing somewhat unconventionally as a 5-ball, plenty of wind and rain, no handicap, winner-takes-all.


Pat, sporting some very natty tartan trousers waited quietly for the off. Alan and Charlie continued to discuss matters irrelevant, whilst kernow Pete swang lustily at practice. Eventually, Grisjambon arrived, unhurried as ever.


The 1st hole went to Grisjambon by 1 shot. The 2nd was a 3 way tie, as was the 3rd. Grisjambon was looking strong, in his own carefully-measured manner. The long 4th allowed KP to employ some muscle – he won by 2 shots commiserating with his playing partners with some choice words – was he on a charge? Holes 5 and 6 flashed by, Alan and Charlie making modest inroads into Grisjambon’s lead, Pat putting to perfection and KP thrashing the ball lustily. Grisjambon remained unmoved.


Hole 7, ‘The Hillside’, appeared. 300 metres long, a 40 degree slope left to right and a lake at the bottom. Alan landed his tee shot on the green, Charlie, KP and Pat all explored the water, whilst ‘Steady’ Grisjambon, through sharp chipping, managed to tie the hole with Alan.


Desperate measures were now called for, caution was thrown to the wind. The remaining 2 holes saw the Driver employed to excess by all, except Grisjambon, with predictable results. He won each by 3 shots. The Stephen Barrister trophy was therefore awarded to Grisjambon, who won by a large number of strokes.


The 2014 contest will take place in July at Lingfield.

A proud "Steady" Grisjambon hoists

the prized Stephen Barrister trophy aloft

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