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Munich Marathon Raises £3,000+ for PAC!

Munchen, Deutschland

12th October 2014


On Sunday 12th October 2014, the mighty Team Penguin, comprising Team Captain (Rob Oates) and his team of one (Charlie Beardmore) set out on a long and winding road around Munich.  Initially mis-sold as 'a trip to Munich in October' (the clear implication being to attend the Oktoberfest) it rapidly dawned that Rob had entered Team Penguin for the Munich Marathon.  Neither of the team was built for long distance running, although there is a history of several previous marathon attempts.  Rob had cruised through the Jersey marathon in 2012, and Charlie had successfully completed multiple marathons, albeit whilst driving a car.  The Team received much (in retrospect very helpful) coaching advice regarding training regimes, nutrition, hydration, anti-chafing measures etc.  The Team devoted significant effort throughout the build-up period to carbo-loading.  The remainder of the sage advice was not acted upon immediately, but stored for use in a future emergency.

 For those who have not run a marathon, there are several things to bear in mind:


  • It is a long way

  • It takes a long time

  • It is a good idea to listen to, and act upon, sage advice regarding anti-chafing measures

  • It is a good idea to have done some training prior to the marathon itself

  • 7 months of concentrated carbo-loading may be more than is required

If you are contemplating doing a marathon, and are lucky enough to have a knowledgeable coach offering to help,
I suggest the following:


  • Take some account of what they say

  • DO NOT tell your coach that running is basically a bit boring

  • DO NOT tell your coach that running does not require any skill

All members of the Team completed the allotted 26.2 miles in under 12 hours and then embarked on a Schweinshaxe und Pils post-race carbo-replenishment.

This event resulted in Penguins Against Cancer raising £3,142, including a very generous donation of £500 from HSBC, which has been used to support Melanoma research at the Royal Marsden Hospital.  Team Penguin, now doubled in size [this does not mean that Rob and Charlie are now twice their original body mass, rather that there are now 4 team members], will march again at the Fleet Half Marathon (on 22nd March 2015) and in the Brighton Marathon (on 12th April 2015). 


If you are keen to join us please get in touch through the website contact e-mail.

CHARLIE & ROB OATES - Munich Marathon - 2014.jpg
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