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Guernsey Grand Prix - Sunday 15th Dec. 2013


A hush descended on the throng assembled around St Peter Port racetrack as the fire-suited gladiators walked slowly to their machines. Practice had been punctuated by the safety car appearing to impose control following a series of adventurous overtaking manoeuvre attempts. The marshal in charge emphasised repeatedly that karting was not a contact sport.


Pugh was in car no 1. Chew in car 2. Tom languid in car 3. Stretch had been offered a choice of cars, either no 4 or no 5. Blunders told him to take 5. Dai ‘Revs’ Evans slotted in at no 6, leaving Sarah in no 7 and kernow Pete at 8. The flag dropped and they were off. Wacky Races eat your heart out.


Pugh barged Chew in no 2, allowing Stretch to take an early lead, Tom still trying to summon the energy to step on the accelerator. Blunders tucked in behind, leaving Sarah, Revs and kernow Pete tangling at the back. KP then found some speed, taking Sarah with him and moving smartly through the field. Despite having had choice of cars, Stretch started going backwards. Revs and Pugh became locked wheel to wheel allowing Chew to steal a march, being tracked by Blunders, until overly optimistic cornering resulted in a spin-off into the gravel trap. Tom, now largely arisen from hibernation, joined the rest of the field, employing some unconventional tactics to get ahead. That was almost 1 lap of 15 completed.


The saga continued with the lead swapping frequently; it was nip and tuck amongst Blunders, Revs and Chew for the majority of the race, notwithstanding some chicanery at the chicane. KP and Stretch traded some base insults, whilst Tom remained above such behaviour as befits his station. In the final corner, Sarah, driving the Pink Pussycat, stole up the inside to challenge for the lead.


At the chequered flag we had:


  • 1st: Chew

  • 2nd: Sarah

  • 3rd: ‘Revs’ Evans


A marvellous contest in best Penguin tradition – we look forward to the Amalfi Grand Prix on May 14!

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