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Charlie's Diary: "LEJOG" Challenge

The Length of England and Scotland (900 miles)

October 2019

Charlie's LEJOG Potted Diary

(as relayed daily to Trevor the Trainer and Andy)


Day 1

  • Cornwall has been wet, windy and hilly.

  • Ideal conditions.

  • 75 miles of soggy cycling.

  • The forecast thunder stayed away.

  • I have been advised that I need to replenish my electrolytes.

  • I assume that Guinness will take care of that.

  • More of the same tomorrow, hopefully with the thunder.

Day 2

  • Devon has been largely sunny, scenic and hilly.

  • Still no thunder.

  • We ascended 1680 m.

  • We descended 1787 m.

  • So we have a net loss of height but it didn’t feel like it.

  • I am not sure how the electrolytes are but the Guinness was delicious.

  • Somerset tomorrow.


Day 3

  • The team has travelled through Devon encountering more hills and rain.

  • We then reached the Somerset levels which as the name suggests are thankfully relatively flat.

  • The sun shone and we had a close-up view of Glastonbury Tor and Bath.

  • Transiting through Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire tomorrow.


Day 4

  • All have arrived in Ludlow following 86 miles of cycling through rolling countryside with some sun.

  • Great views of the Malverns on the way.

  • The Team and support crew are performing magnificently.


Day 5

  • (I did send Day 5, but it seems to have vanished. Perhaps it got washed away.)


Day 6

  • Ludlow to Warrington yesterday 94 miles – Wet.

  • Today torrential rain

  • Roads closed.

  • Team had to divert via Lancaster.

  • Now at Warcop.

  • Thank goodness for Zinc Oxide tape.

  • Scotland tomorrow.


Day 7

  • It’s raining again.

  • Today we entered a county (East Lanarkshire) without it raining, for the first time this week. 

  • It only remained dry for 1 hour however.

  • Our visitor joined us and enjoyed it I think, although his waterproof gloves are clearly not waterproof.

  • We had 7 seconds of sunshine near Gretna.

  • We cycled for 84 miles and finished in a place in Scotland I have never heard of.

  • Tomorrow we go to Perth.

  • Forecast looks wet to very wet.

  • We will send you some pictures.


Day 8

  • 5:34 pm: The team has cycled 80 miles from Crowfordjohn to Perth via Edinburgh.

  • Scotland is a beautiful country in more ways than one.

  • The clouds appear to have been emptied because for the first day since the start of LEJOG it did not rain. 

  • Aviemore tomorrow.

  • 7:17pm: It has now started raining.


Day 9

  • We have transited in glorious sunshine for 81 miles with 4500 feet of total ascent.

  • Perth via Braemar to Balleter.

  • Glenshee Pass is a beast.

  • I understand that all the rain has moved to the Midlands.

  • Apparently heading for Dornoch tomorrow.


Day 10

  • 84 miles Aviemore - Inverness – Dornoch.

  • Only 2 hours of rain.

  • Team in good spirits.

  • Last day tomorrow.


Day 11

  • At JOG.

  • Long day: 94 miles.

  • 2 diversions.

  • Some rain.

  • Curry now.

Charlie Beardmore 

Charlie grinds out "The Beast" 
(Glenshee Pass, Scotland)
Arrival at JOG.JPG
Charlie at his final destination of John o'Groats, Scotland
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