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The PAC "2.6 Challenge" 

Up and down the land

Sunday 26th April 2020 and beyond

To-date £1,982 (including Gift Aid) has been raised
by PAC through our own "2.6 Challenges"
With the London Marathon being postponed this year due to Covid-19, Sunday 26th April was "re-allocated" to the general public to come up with their own "2.6 Challenges" to replace the 26 miles of the Marathon on the 26th April. This is specifically to help all those charities who will be suffering from loss of funds raised by the London Marathon.
At very short notice (less than 24 hours!), Penguins Against Cancer decided to also embrace the "2.6 Challenge" to create their own fundraising initiatives, all themed to the all-important "2.6" number. Here you can read about some of those creative endeavours. We hope you enjoy reading about them and that their stories help to enthuse and inspire you to undertake your own PAC 2.6 Challenge! (There's no time limit on doing your own "2.6-er".)
Pete Davis + Family & Friends Team
Pete is an endodontist in Tavistock, Devon whose business has been forced to shut, along with all other dentists in the town, because of Covid-19. This notwithstanding, Pete and his family and friends have raised an astonishing £500 in less than 24 hours from his and other (closed) local dental practices to support his very own 2.6 Challenge: Pete and his daughters Isabelle and Charlotte, along with their friends Becky and Ben, ran as a team of five people up and down his driveway no less than 22 times, equalling the distance of a half-marathon. That's an exceptional perfomance all-round, Pete, and tremendous generosity from your local dental fraternity. Very well done from us all here at PAC!
Watch these two great video clips of Pete's team's 2.6 Challenge!    (Best-viewed in full-screen mode)
Charlie & Charlotte Beardmore
Charlie and Charlotte are both pleased to have completed 2.6 hours of tree stump removal In the garden followed by 2.6 miles of rambling around Barossa Common near Bagshot. And on the weekend of 2nd/3rd May they'll be undertaking a 26 mile bike challenge! Charlotte says "We’re looking forward to hearing about other fundraising #TwoPointSixChallenges for Penguins Against Cancer".
Well done to the Beardmores from all of us at PAC, and best of luck with the bike ride this weekend!
Alex Schaub
Alex Schaub's solo exercise challenge saw her completing 26 different one minute exercises non-stop, resulting in 26 minutes of intensive workout. Her routine included burpees, crunches, plank, squats, jumping jacks, ski jumps, power lunges and push ups, amongst many others. Makes you exhausted just reading about it!
Many thanks to Alex for supporting our 2.6 Challenge,
from all of us at PAC.
Pat, Charlie & Imogen Gush
Pat, Charlie and Imogen Gush also undertook a "family team" effort: running round Chislehurst Common for 2.6 miles in less than 26 minutes, with 17-year old Imogen setting the pace!
And they raised £52 in the process, a tidy multiple of 2.6!
Well done to the Gushes from all of us at PAC.
David & Ginni Littlejohns
Quite literally, a stroll in the park for Team LJ, netting PAC £26:
David and Ginni undertook and completed a 2 hour 36 minute hike around Richmond Park on Sunday morning, keeping at least two metres apart from all the deer, woodpeckers, parakeets and rabbits, not to mention other humans. They couldn't have had better weather for it. "The birdsong was just amazing and so uplifting", said Ginni.
Well done to the LJs from all of us at PAC.
Send us a brief write-up and a photo of your own "2.6 Challenge" and we'll include it on this page:
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