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Rosso Pomodoro - Sat 25th Jan. 2014

a.k.a. "The Italian Job"

Michael Jackson asking “Can You Feel It?” has rarely been the prelude to an enjoyable night….however Saturday 25th of January was the exception. With MJ and his 4 brothers blaring-out from the RouteMaster’s sound system, the battered gladiators from Guy’s Hospital “Penguins” (and those from Camberley “Gin & Tonics” who weren’t still lost somewhere on the South Circular) boarded the Fun Bus from Honor Oak Park Sports Ground to Rosso Pomodorro in Notting Hill. Our Mission: To raise awareness and money for Myeloma UK, Sarcoma UK and Princess Alice Hospice, whilst celebrating Champagne Veterans Rugby.


Playing / spectating a full 60 minutes of rugby is thirsty work, especially when much of the second half requires the use of senses other than sight due to the failing light. With only 2 hours of rehydration available in the clubhouse before boarding the bus many of the players and spectators were still experiencing symptoms of dehydration (increased thirst, weakness, confusion and sluggishness). Fortunately Paul, Gill, and Rhonda were on hand to assist with the rehydration process by supplying the troops with a continuous supply of Italian fizz (a “fabulously fun and fruity off-dry number” which is a description that could equally apply to Anne Howell). A special mention should also go to Yae-eun whose “Jellies of Mass Destruction” demonstrated that South Koreans pose far more of threat than their Northern counterparts.

Entertainment for the journey was 2 fold. On the upper deck, a virtuoso performance by Choir Master Gush led the teams through a repertoire of Drum and Base classics from “Delilah” to “Suspicious Minds”. Meanwhile, downstairs the Ballet division were unsuccessfully trying to recreate the “lift” from Dirty Dancing.


Dinner was a grand feast in true Italian style, specially prepared for the occasion by Mario, Gianluca, Toby and team. Thank you to everyone at Rosso Pomodorro, and to Pasquale for being such gracious hosts. We were made to feel so at home that one of our spectators even settled down for the night in the corner of the restaurant – the soporific effects of Tiramisu! Eventually Simon managed to arrange the successful repatriation of Sleeping Beauty.


The aim for the evening was to raise money for our 3 nominated Charities. The Raffle consisted mainly of prizes that can be found on the first 2 pages of an Amazon search for “Penguins” or “Gin”. However thanks to Pat and Charlie for supplying the more popular bottle-shaped prizes. The main event however was the auction with 2 prizes:


  • A berth on “Arc Angel” (a 40ft yacht taking part in a race in the Solent in February)

  • Tickets to watch the Welsh Rugby Team destroy France in the Six Nations Match at the Millennium Stadium
    (Thanks to Stephen and Rhian Davis)


A big thank you to everyone who came to the dinner. Together we raised over £900 and have maintained the momentum started by Pat’s Penguin’s Against Cancer launch dinner.


Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the Penguins v Guy’s Present XV match and Charity Ball on April 26th 2014.



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