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PAC 2015 AGM & Dinner

Robens Suite, 29th Floor, Guy's Hospital

Saturday 21st November 2015








The Penguins v Freshers XV rugby was followed by the PAC AGM and then the Annual Dinner, held in the Robens Suite, Guy's Tower, Guy's Hospital.  A flock of 75 Penguins sat down, with an excellent mix of older and younger types, and a pleasingly large number of students, including the core of the GHRFC Ladies XV.  The event had been in the balance until Su Roughton conspired with Ben Challacombe and Tom Crisp to fill the void of empty places with a number of senior Penguins providing a significant subsidy to encourage student attendance.  A sumptuous three-course meal was interspersed with a brief welcome and description of PAC activities from the President, a raffle, information on Movember and The Urology Foundation from Ben Challacombe, and an auction run by Simon Hughes. 


The Order of the Penguin (Emperor), for outstanding service to PAC, was conferred upon: Chris Howell [King Penguin], Charlie Popplewell [outgoing Treasurer], Su Roughton [Social Sec], Anita Combes [Sec], Simon Hughes and Yee-eun [Publicity], David Littlejohns [Webmaster] and Tom Crisp [unappointed Student coordinator].  An administrative oversight, for which the President is entirely responsible, resulted in Ben Challacombe [Trustee] not receiving his OPE.  This has now been rectified. 


The total amount of money raised during the day was £1,065:


  • Honour Oak Park post-rugby raffle -  £90

  • Donation from PAC RAT party - £50

  • Dinner raffle [including wine donated by Steve Challacombe and Anita and Jamie Combes] - £365

  • Donation from senior Penguin who wishes to remain anonymous - £300

  • Auction of John Lewis Penguins "Monty & Mabel" plush-toy couple [donated by Ginni and David Littlejohns] - £100

  • Auction of GHRFC shirt [donated by GHRFC 1st XV] - £160


Grants will therefore be made in support of Movember and The Urology Foundation as agreed by the PAC AGM. 


Click on any of the photos from the evening below to launch the full-screen slideshow, which you can advance and reverse at will.






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