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The South Molton Open Croquet competition took place at High Bullen Hotel on 31 May 2014.


The format was association Croquet rather than Captain Moreton's Eglinton Castle croquet, which, for those unacquainted, ‘has small bells on the eight hoops "to ring the changes", two pegs, a double hoop with a bell and two tunnels for the ball to pass through.’ 


Play was as intense as it can be on a croquet lawn.  A combination of Tices, Triple Peels and, at times seemingly malicious Roquets, saw teams gradually eliminated.  Eventually only two remained:  The Stretchlottes and the Patlies.  Geraint offered a bisque which was firmly declined by Pat who ran a hoop thus gaining a continuation stroke.  He then roqueted Geraint’s ball to earn a croquet which unfortunately ended in a double tap break down.  Charlotte took full advantage, achieving a masterful peel to set up Geraint’s ball as a pioneer, before finishing with a perfect leave. Charlie G came to the fore, sizing up the opposition and running two hoops during which she made a roquet rush and the perfect scatter shot.  Needless to say, it was nailbiting, and unforgiving throughout. 

2014 Penguins Croquet Competition - Devon

31st May 2014



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Eventually Geraint was first through the rover hoop, closely followed by Charlotte who then pegged out to win the game.  A superb trophy was awarded to the Stretchlottes by the ever youthful Squire Popplewell, who has promised to host next year’s tournament. 

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